About Our University

Welcome to Salafiyya Arabic College

The Arabic college of Sharia was established in the year 1973, The noble goal of this institution is to generate scholars and religious preachers for sensitsing and enlightening our muslim society on authentic Islamic faith. Several students who studied in this college had achieved the aforesaid goal and they have been carrying out, their great service of Islamic enlightment inside and outside our country very effectively by the grace of god Almighty, especially Orators of ‘juma’. At present, we are desperately in need to develop our infrastructure and there is the urgent requirement to improve our academic fecilities.

In addition to the above, it is very essential to construct a new building for sharea: Kindly not that, we do not have adequate building facilities for the smooth conduct of our academic activities. We have a library hall. However we do not have sufficient book materials and also we lack convenient reading facilities for our students. We are yet to arrange books like Thafeers of Holy Quraan, history of Arabic literature and books on Islamic studies in our library.